2021 UI design trends.. what we predict and what we got ! and what to expect in 2022.

Year starts and we all predicts many things that is going to change but these predictions fool us many times.I think that same happened in 2021 ui design predictions.but design changes according to the present trends, that world follows or left earlier than expectations. according to my analysis something similar happens in 2021. So.. Let’s see which design predictions workout for people and which got rejected by the world.

1. 3D Images or Actual 3D elements and immersive experience

Early 2021: immersive 3D experience is always going to be 1st in design trends in list. We all expecting that 3D design is going to be trendsetter from 2020, many designers created online 3d libraries for a help, but in-between 2020–21 we started using 3d modelling images or simple 3d animations in design instead of whole 3d experience.

Mid 2021: Still some of website that actually using 3D experience in their platform. that you can see these websites on “awwards”. Also there’s limitation to find or learn totally different 3D industry and their software for a designers in ui/ux industry. in mid of 2021 we got some simple to learn 3d software launches like “spline.design” or new updates on “blender”.

End 2021: At the end of 2021. we got many surprises like our widely used platform “Facebook” changes their name to the “Meta” and announces about the “Metaverse”, which is going to change all the trends that we are following from last 3 years, and now we are actually going to use real 3D experience in virtual world through “Metaverse”

2022 is going to be year of whole new 3D experience through “Metavers” with more developed virtual and augmented realty platforms.

2. Glassmorphism or Holographic UI?

The trend that we liked the most and we all designers follows the many tutorials for getting exact “Glassmorphism” to ui, every designer in industry tried this real life like glass effect at once in their design. but this trends followed only on initial levels like UI designers portfolio and posts.not any big product or Platform used it to design their experiences.

2022 Its time for Holographic UI: Like our online social engagements increasing on another level. so use of VR glasses, lenses are going to increase in 2022, many brands like Google, Facebook, Oppo investing in VR glasses & lenses where holographic ui playing important role for interfaces and user experience, so I think its time start experimenting on “Holography”

3. Wide,Bold,Better (Typography)

Early2021: We predict about more sophisticated website designs. used of pastel colours, also the less experimentation on fonts, simple headers which divide page into 2 section one is for Type and other for photos, illustrations etc…

End 2021: but the trend changes at the end of the year and people started experimenting over the typefaces, and we see many websites with wide and bold fonts with tight typographical layouts..

In 2022: I think we will see.. websites and user interfaces going to be more straight and clear with bold text and related content with minimal designs, text animation on scrolls instead of over beautification of the pages.

4. Shades, Gradients and Dark Mode

Early 2021: in early design trend we are playing with gradient with two colours and geometrical shapes backgrounds and isometric illustration styles also everyone try to copy the Instagrams gradient colours. but after lots of experimentation we got the output..

End 2021: as I said in typography section websites are getting more typographical with exact content which is going to suite for various gradient effects like grainy, vivid, burned, holographic, tungsten, etc…

Dark mode: is going to be new normal in 2022, many respected products are introducing their dark interfaces to the world, like LinkedIn, YouTube.

5. Symbolisms & Emojis more than just a text to express

Early 2021: Second wave of Covid hit and whole world suffers from this horrible, emotional & painful situation which we never experienced before.

We all get connected through social apps and express ourselves.online movie watch parties, video calls, work collaborations taken place of physical meetings. we are already using emojis on social platforms but at the year end many products are getting more deep into this new digital language called emojis & symbolism.

Recently Figma introduced their “Figjam” which allow designers to collaborate with team, which is full of this digital expressions, also the “Miro” whiteboard allows user to express in every manner through emojis/ symbolism instead of boring and long texting.

2022: Users are more interested in new language of emotions without word. Yes, I think world is going to more expressive with emojis and symbol rather than texting.

6. Art and abstracts

Art and illustrations plays important role in every design, user can’t read everything on your page, they see content like illustrations, art or photography and guess the thought. Now just the forms are changing. at end of the year.. I saw many sites using abstract shapes, art pieces. also the photography return to the retro trends of 80s/90s, many websites are using burned, old filtered photos to showcase their work. Also we can not ignore punk and pop art styles.

But still simple and easy to understand illustration can’t replaced by abstract or any other type of art pieces.

7. Animations, Interactions and real life experience

3–4 years before. There’s limitations of using animations or micro interactions on screens, which can’t able to handle because of technology and physical devices limitations, in 2021 many technology got more firmed in their products, Augmented and virtual reality got more stable this year. So 3D animation and virtual experience are going to take place. Also the NFT’s are growing. more artist sharing their art pieces online and helping to build virtual experiences. many artist, singers started performing virtually with their avatar.

From the next year users will get more familiar with motion capture devices.. also the gloves that “Meta” is developing, that gives feeling of real life physical experience in virtual world which are going to help us in new virtual era of “Metaverse”


As a UI Designer I think, these all industries are rely on each other. every industry perform important role to change way of living. we designers combine these all methods and trends from every industry. and present it through our designs , experiences. so.. every designer should aware of upcoming new technologies, trends. the way..how users living. That is going to help us to keep ourselves updated with new toolkits and trends. Thank you!




🎨 Sr. UI/UX & Visual Designer. ✏️ Designing 360Quadrants.com & Knowledge Store

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Vishal Phatangare

Vishal Phatangare

🎨 Sr. UI/UX & Visual Designer. ✏️ Designing 360Quadrants.com & Knowledge Store

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